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Listing Name:
Awesome View!
Season Plan:
Full Season (2017)
(83 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
View Box
Section / Row / Seat:
308 / C / 9
308 / C / 10
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$21.00 - $44.00
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
8 games
Terrific View Box location, right above first base with unimpeded sightlines. Row C is against the wall, so there's no one to annoy behind you if you feel like standing up! Seats are mid-row, so traffic in and out is minimal. Entire section is long time season ticket holders, great people, serious baseball fans, perfect view!

Looking for a partner for a minimum of ten games, and up to half the season. Tickets include $5 per game per ticket "splash value" to be used on concessions the day of the game.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$21.00 - $44.00
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Jul-25 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM PIT 308 / C / 9 $26.00
Jul-25 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM PIT 308 / C / 10 $26.00
Aug-17 (Thu) @ 7:15 PM PHI 308 / C / 9 $21.00
Aug-17 (Thu) @ 7:15 PM PHI 308 / C / 10 $21.00
Aug-22 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM MIL 308 / C / 9 $21.00
Aug-22 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM MIL 308 / C / 10 $21.00
Aug-23 (Wed) @ 12:45 PM MIL 308 / C / 9 $44.00
Aug-23 (Wed) @ 12:45 PM MIL 308 / C / 10 $44.00
Sep-16 (Sat) @ 6:05 PM ARI 308 / C / 9 $44.00
Sep-16 (Sat) @ 6:05 PM ARI 308 / C / 10 $44.00
Sep-20 (Wed) @ 12:45 PM COL 308 / C / 9 $21.00
Sep-20 (Wed) @ 12:45 PM COL 308 / C / 10 $21.00
Sep-29 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM SD 308 / C / 9 $26.00
Sep-29 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM SD 308 / C / 10 $26.00
Sep-30 (Sat) @ 1:05 PM SD 308 / C / 9 $44.00
Sep-30 (Sat) @ 1:05 PM SD 308 / C / 10 $44.00
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    Hi Renay , Noticed you had a min request of 10 games , canceling the original agreement for 8 games and resubmitting for 10. Hopefully we can get this done before Xmas :) -Ram
  • Hi Ram, just accepted. Merry Christmas :D
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  • User Image
    Hi! I just made a offer yesterday for 8 games , would you please let me know if you can accept it ? I really wanted to get the offer sealed before Xmas :) . Do let me know if you have any concerns - Ram
  • Hi Ram, I'll take a look!
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  • User Image
    Are you looking for a partner to split all games in 2017? If so, that could be me. Are playoff rights included?
  • Hi Griffin, yes, I'm looking for a partner or partners to split the season. I give my ticket partners priority for post season tickets based on number of regular season tickets purchased.
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    OK. I went to the split season website (the one I'm typing into now) and it sight wants me to select games to choose before I could make an offer. So I believe you need to post those? If you know another way, I am all ears. Wasn't much help when I called Giants or Spliticket LLC. I am not picky about dates. My preference is weekday games Mon-Thur. Day or night. As few as 8 (x2 seats) or up to $800-900 worth. I can do paypal. Eric Jensen from Newark, CA
  • Hi Eric, the games for 2017 should show up now.
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  • User Image
    I am still interested. Never done this before. I'll make an offer unless you want to talk further about it.
  • Go ahead and make an offer, my standard practice is my partners pay face value (in other words, you pay what I pay), I always keep Opening Day and Fan Appreciation (I've made those games no matter what for the 12 years I've had my tickets!), but other games are negotiable.
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    Hi there. My name is Eric. Will your seats be available next season? Row C in view box is my favorite place in the park. Thanks.
  • Hi there, yes, so sorry for the delay! I've been traveling quite a bit. I am by buying my tickets again in 2017 and would love another good partner. Let me know if you're still looking!
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