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Paul's 211 2019

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Listing Name:
Paul's 211 2019
Season Plan:
Full Season (2019)
(83 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Club Infield
Section / Row / Seat:
211 / H / 13
211 / H / 14
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$54.00 - $172.00
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
8 games
Aisle Seating:
Behind Home plate looking down third base line. VA Club level. Aisle seats near Kruk and Kuip. Amazing in and out location and fantastic sight line. Just under overhang so never get wet, never too much sun but you see every fly ball. Anyone who participates at the 20 game level gets the right to a selection of each set of post season games. Price is average price per seat. Have 4 other partners for over 3 years.
  • Opening Day 2014
  • World Series 2014
  • 2016 closing day our seats allowed us to go onto field to unfurl flag
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$54.00 - $172.00
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Jun-28 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM ARI 211 / H / 13 $75.00
Jun-28 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM ARI 211 / H / 14 $75.00
Jun-29 (Sat) @ TBD ARI 211 / H / 13 $118.00
Jun-29 (Sat) @ TBD ARI 211 / H / 14 $118.00
Jul-21 (Sun) @ 1:05 PM NYM 211 / H / 13 $118.00
Jul-21 (Sun) @ 1:05 PM NYM 211 / H / 14 $118.00
Jul-22 (Mon) @ 6:45 PM CHC 211 / H / 13 $75.00
Jul-22 (Mon) @ 6:45 PM CHC 211 / H / 14 $75.00
Aug-10 (Sat) @ TBD PHI 211 / H / 13 $118.00
Aug-10 (Sat) @ TBD PHI 211 / H / 14 $118.00
Aug-31 (Sat) @ TBD SD 211 / H / 13 $118.00
Aug-31 (Sat) @ TBD SD 211 / H / 14 $118.00
Sep-01 (Sun) @ 1:05 PM SD 211 / H / 13 $118.00
Sep-01 (Sun) @ 1:05 PM SD 211 / H / 14 $118.00
Sep-11 (Wed) @ 6:45 PM PIT 211 / H / 13 $54.00
Sep-11 (Wed) @ 6:45 PM PIT 211 / H / 14 $54.00
Sep-24 (Tue) @ 6:45 PM COL 211 / H / 13 $54.00
Sep-24 (Tue) @ 6:45 PM COL 211 / H / 14 $54.00
Sep-29 (Sun) @ 12:05 PM LAD 211 / H / 13 $172.00
Sep-29 (Sun) @ 12:05 PM LAD 211 / H / 14 $172.00
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    Yes, I can get electronic tickets. I prefer paper but electronic is fine. Let me know when you want to do the draft.
  • First you have to "make an offer" on this site. Don't worry about the particulars as we have discussed most of the issues. I accept the offer, and then the site reveals your contact email and mine. Then we can execute a draft as discussed below.
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  • User Image
    Paul, Ill take 4 night games as well. Monday-Thursday. Team does not matter
  • So, just to be want the 5 weekday day games and 4 additional Monday-Thursday evening games? This can be done. However, we have to set up an "agreement" so you can see my email and I can see yours. Don't worry too much about the have no obligation until you select games as described below. We will hold a "draft" where you and I are the only participants. I will have only one pick and my pick will be the last pick, after you have picked all your games. There will be more than 9 games on the draft list and the prices will also show up for each game. After you pick, I will send you instructions for payment (PayPal or Zelle). Once received, I will send you your tickets....either electronically or paper. I have not received my paper tickets but should have them by the end of next week. But you can get electronic tickets right now.
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    My friend and I want to purchase all the weekday day games from your package which is 8 games and I could add up to 6 other games spread out through the season. Can this be done?
  • Your request is a tough one. There are 41 weekday (Monday-Thursday) games this year but most start at 6:45; only 9 of them are at 12:45. I have a draft using the MLB software. I use the "serpentine" method. There are 83 games (81 regular season, 2 exhibition). If you commit to 14 games, you get "roughly" every 6th pick. Day games are not in the highest demand but if you want 8 and there are only 9, I doubt you will get everything you want..
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  • User Image
    Please disregard. I just saw the "No single games!" note. Sorry to bother. Go Giants!
  • What was your question?
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  • User Image
    Sorry if this is a silly question. I am new to this site. The minimum offer is 8 games, yet there are only two still available. I am interested in the Sept 11 game. Is there a way I can still purchase them from you?
  • I want partners who are able to commit to buying 8 games. there are 2 seats for each game and you must pick both seats if you pick a game. If you only want the September 11 game, I will try to pick that game and you can buy them from me after the draft. But you need to let me know if that is all you want, before my draft on February 26th.
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  • User Image
    I am concerned about the draft, we would be coming from Fresno and prefer the Mid-week games noon games and weekends games.
  • I have to be fair to all partners. So the draft gives everyone the same chance to select games. The way the draft works is as follows; if you select participation for 8 games you get about 1 pick about every 10th selection ( 83 games divided by 8 picks). This tear there are 12 mid week day games. 12 Friday night games and 26 Saturday and Sunday games during the day. So you have between 38 and 50 choices. But I cannot guarantee you will get all choices you want. The seats are premium so they are marketable if you can’t go and I help partners sell unusable tickets if they want.
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    HI- I was along time season ticket partner from 2010-2017. My partner sold the license last year. I was in sec 222 row H - I was devastated when he sold. Is this partnership still available? I am extremely interested. My name is Cindy-
  • Yes. 2 aisle seats, row H so very similar to you prior seats but opposite baseline.
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