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Listing Name:
Best Fans
Season Plan:
Full Season (2018)
(83 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 4
Ticket Category:
Club Infield
Section / Row / Seat:
208 / M / 9
208 / M / 10
208 / M / 11
208 / M / 12
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$30.00 - $60.00
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
8 games
We've partnered since 2011. We share/draft all our
playoff tickets, at cost. We currently have 12 partners, taking between 8 and 40 tickets/season and taking 2 through 4 tickets together per game.

Our partners typically use the tickets they purchase. We're seeking additional partners.

Our four seats are on the 2nd deck, opposite first base. They're in the back row, in front of the glass wall. One may stash belongings behind the seats. They're under the overhang and have extra legroom, yielding easy access: beating aisle seats. The Club Level promenade offers good food and nooks where one can warm up or chill.

Our four tickets are available for all home games. Each pick in our draft is four tickets: either two pairs of adjacent tickets to different games or all four tickets to one game. (In practice, one can draft almost all 4-ticket games, if one wants.) If you need three tickets to a game, you may return one of the four to me.

Our online ticket draft will start at 4PM, Pacific Time, on February 24 and take around three hours. We use the Giants website, which yields draft orders fair to all participants.

In 2018, thanks to a favorable contract and a 10% discount off
the face price of tickets, the average ticket cost for our seats is $74.05.

Options for payment include making a payment to our Giants' account or PayPal or a check. Payment must be received by close of business on Friday, 23 February. Some partners use tickets printed by the Giants and others use e-tickets and accounts on MySFTix. Tickets are distributed by mid-March.

* * * * *

We drafted the 2018 season on 24 February. Tickets left over are listed here, discounted more than 30%. Pairs and quads of tickets for most 2018 games are currently available in neighboring seats (Row M, Sect. 208), at face value. (I can arrange their purchase.)

Join us now, and you'll be set for future seasons and postseasons.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
$30.00 - $60.00
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Jun-26 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM COL 208 / M / 9 $45.00
Jun-26 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM COL 208 / M / 10 $45.00
Jul-09 (Mon) @ 7:15 PM CHC 208 / M / 11 $60.00
Jul-09 (Mon) @ 7:15 PM CHC 208 / M / 12 $60.00
Jul-26 (Thu) @ 7:15 PM MIL 208 / M / 9 $45.00
Jul-26 (Thu) @ 7:15 PM MIL 208 / M / 10 $45.00
Aug-10 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM PIT 208 / M / 9 $45.00
Aug-10 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM PIT 208 / M / 10 $45.00
Aug-10 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM PIT 208 / M / 11 $45.00
Aug-10 (Fri) @ 7:15 PM PIT 208 / M / 12 $45.00
Aug-28 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ARI 208 / M / 9 $30.00
Aug-28 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ARI 208 / M / 10 $30.00
Aug-28 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ARI 208 / M / 11 $30.00
Aug-28 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ARI 208 / M / 12 $30.00
Sep-11 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ATL 208 / M / 9 $30.00
Sep-11 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ATL 208 / M / 10 $30.00
Sep-11 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ATL 208 / M / 11 $30.00
Sep-11 (Tue) @ 7:15 PM ATL 208 / M / 12 $30.00
Sep-26 (Wed) @ 7:15 PM SD 208 / M / 9 $30.00
Sep-26 (Wed) @ 7:15 PM SD 208 / M / 10 $30.00
Sep-26 (Wed) @ 7:15 PM SD 208 / M / 11 $30.00
Sep-26 (Wed) @ 7:15 PM SD 208 / M / 12 $30.00
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    Thanks for the response. So it looks like the games that you have left are basically the weekday night games which are a bit less desirable for me as I have two younger daughters. I would be interested in getting games in groups of 4 tix per game and like the idea of being a partner with respect to post season/ high demand games. what do you think that I should do?
  • Regarding high-demand games, 26 Fri., Sat. and Sun. games are currently available in seats 7 & 8. A majority will match up with games available in seats 13 & 14. You'd be able to get a choice selection of games by combining the two. Our partners will swap seats with you, so you can sit together. Our neighbors tickets will cost 20% more than ours (based on the contracts). For example, we pay $68 for doubles games, but our neighbors pay $82. (They sell their tickets at cost; I discount ours.) A 5 such games would be easy; 15 might be the upper limit. The Giants will require you to purchase 8 pairs of tickets and to pay the $40 fee. (To meet these requirements, you could draft two pairs from four games for which four tickets are available.) I'd allow you to return any of these games and reimburse you what you paid for the tickets. I won't mind, but they're a great deal, if you can use them. Then, we'd secure four tickets for desired weekend and other games. I'd start by getting an updated list of what's available in both 7 & 8 and 13 & 14. (The ticket holder in seats 13 & 14 is about to take a short vacation, and we may have to wait until she returns.) It seems smart to line up most of your games before the season, but you could leave openings in your split season to fill based on how the season goes. For the really high demand games, like Opening Day, we'd need to see if Premium Seating can help. I bought two Opening Day tickets from them for a partner on 1 March. The 4 April game starts at 4PM and is the "kids opener". We put all the postseason games they allot us, plus two additional seats in Sect. 220, in a postseason draft. Join us, you'll be in this draft and you'll be set for future seasons. Our seats and the ones next to them are ideal for families. Partners take different numbers of tickets for different seasons, and it works out.
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    Do you still have any room for another partner? I have to let my set of four and license go this year because I just couldnt justify the $18k. I am looking for a true partnership and it looks like that is what you describe
  • Dear Gregroy, Yes, the listing is active and tickets are available. It’s aimed at finding more long-term partners. Your questions are welcome. This is our eighth season, and some partners bring experience from prior partnerships. (As far as I know, no partner was previously a Giants season-ticket holder, though one has become one.) Our seats have extra legroom, making them better than aisle seats. The top row has advantages. Partners like sitting in our seats, and we’re staying put. Our partners get a 10% discount off the ticket price. Without them, we couldn’t afford season tickets, costing almost $26K. (This season, singles games cost $45, doubles cost $68, triples cost $95 and homers cost $121.) Our draft was on 2/24. Partners took a little over three of our four season tickets. Our drafts have four tickets per pick. I devised a fair, draft-order algorithm, used in the draft setup. This draft had 66 picks, taking about an hour and 20 minutes. Almost all partners either pick pairs of tickets to different games or quads. One partner uses triples; they draft quads and return single tickets. (This season, about 10 single tickets were generated, not included in the list of available tickets.) For six or eight tickets together, partners add pairs of tickets from “neighbors”, with in-demand games from neighbors often included in our draft. After the draft, a partner joined and bought 22 of the leftover tickets. We could comfortably supply you up to 80 tickets. 38 tickets are currently available in our seats, in pairs and quads, discounted 30% and detailed in the listing. (To join, you’re required to buy 16.) To supplement these (e.g. weekend games), tickets in neighboring seats, 7 & 8 and 13 & 14, have good availability and are sold at cost (average cost around $100/ticket). If you bought some of the latter, my partners will swap their seats (9 through 12), so your party could be seated together. I’d facilitate these arrangements. We've supplemented our postseason strip with two tickets in Row M of Sect. 220. We draft our supply of postseason tickets and pass them on at cost. Best from David T.
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    Hi I'm new to this procedure but very much interested in participating. Just a question or two. So the minimum tickets I need to buy is 16, right, or 8 pairs at $74.05 each? If the price of the tickets came out to more after picking the game, would I then pay you the difference? Also, is there a website we would go to to pick? I'm sorry for not knowing what to do.
  • Dear Marilyn, That's a great question. The Giants require new split-season partners to purchase a minimum of 16 tickets, costing $1184.80. Our partners pay 90% of the face value of tickets, and the cost is an estimate of what they would pay. We bridge the two is as follows. If the face value of the tickets you draft x 0.9 is greater than your payment, there's no additional charge. If the value x 0.9 is lower, or if you can't draft 16 tickets you can use, the difference is refunded. So, one may view your payment as a refundable token of sincerity. We've previously used the draft interface provided by the Giants split-season-ticket site. This year, we'll use a related interface created by the same developer: Each pick in our draft is four tickets. Some partners choose four to one game. Others take two pairs, to different games. This website allows participants to take fewer than four tickets per pick, for example, if there aren't four available which they can use (which can happen toward the end of the draft). Two partners take three tickets/game, and this interface allows them to do so. Our draft will take about two hours to complete. We're planning on starting at 4PM PT on Saturday, February 24. Established partners draft a minimum of 4 tickets, or one draft pick. Our seats are comfortable and relaxing. Our partners like them. We share all the perks of season-ticket holders. I'd be very pleased if you were to join us. David
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    I got it. you can disregard my question. The draft is based on the total number of tickets purchased...not games purchased. I can draft 2 games at 2 tickets each for round 1 and 1 game at 4 tickets for round 2 and so on...
  • Dear Scott, Our draft has two pairs per pick, either to different games or to the same game. An odd number of pairs, such as 19, won't quite fit our draft. (If you wanted some games with 3 or 6 tickets, an odd number of ticket pairs could work.) But if you only want 2 or 4 tickets to games, you should pick an even number of pairs of tickets (18 or 20). I'm going to counter your offer with 18 pair, but if you want 20, you can have them.
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    I could definitely do like last week of Jan . Would that work instead of Jan 15th ?
  • Yes. BTW, I was right that only season-ticket holders and partners may access the game breakdown, into price classes.
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    Ah Thanks for the clarification . You mentioned the money would be due after the draft and I could pay by check or paypal , so if I go ahead and make the offer do I just put date to pay by as End of feb ?
  • Hi Ram, New partners usually pay before the draft, as a token of sincerity. (After the draft, I reimburse for overpayment, if you pick inexpensive tickets.) Would 15 January work for you? You may call Giants Premium Seating (415) 972-2102, and pay with a credit card, if you like. You'd need to give them our account number.
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    Ah! so the 4 price levels you have correspond to single/double/triple/homer so basically after the discount I would pay the following rate per tix based on the game level ? $34.20 -> single , $56.70 -> double , $80.10 -> triple $108.90 -> homer Also since min offer is 8 games can I pick 8 games of 2 tix each or 4 games of 4 tix each ? Basically make a offer for 16 tix ?
  • That's exactly right. In our draft, each pick is 4 tickets. You'd be able to draft mostly 4-ticket games, if that's your aim. Or you could draft 8 different games, 2 tickets each. If you want some 3-ticket games (or 6-ticket games), these will be handled before the draft. With 16 tickets, you could, for example, select four 3-ticket games and make one pick in the draft. The Giants' four price categories apply to all season tickets, but the actual prices follow from season-ticket contracts. Established partners pay 90% of my ticket cost. If new partners' tickets cost less than average, I refund the difference. If new partners' tickets cost more than average, I usually let this go. (I ask new partners to aim for the average.) Later today, I'll ask Giants Premium Seating if there's a site where you can access the 2017 breakdown of games. If so, I'll follow up with a link.
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    Hi - I see you have 4 price points for every game ,are those face value ? Also do you have details as to which games on the calendar are at which price point .
  • Hi Ram, Those are 90% of face value, as is the average price. I've the 2017 schedule, with games listed as "single", "double", "triple", "homer" and "grand slam" (opening day). (The two exhibition games with the A's cost almost the same as "singles".) Unfortunately, as far as I know, only season-ticket holders can access this schedule. I forward it to my partners before our draft, where corresponding face values are noted for all tickets. Because our ticket contract began in 2013 and price increases are capped, our season tickets cost 78% of their cost for new season-ticket holders in Club Infield.
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