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Looking for a New Partner! PLBox 109 Row 27 Aisle Seats 17-18

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Listing Name:
Looking for a New Partner! PLBox 109 Row 27 Aisle Seats 17-18
Season Plan:
Full Season (2020)
(82 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Premium Lower Box
Section / Row / Seat:
109 / 27 / 17
109 / 27 / 18
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Mobile Delivery
Offer Minimum:
10 games
Aisle Seating:
Our group is looking for a new partner or two. We are an established group since 1997. We have a regular, rotating Draft that ensures each partner gets Opening Day once every four years. We have a successful history of exchanging tickets among ourselves. If this situation is right, this new partner can buy into our group & will own a 1/4 of the Seat License. Currently, the available for the 2020 Season are listed below. Feel free to contact me with questions anytime. I'd like to find a partner immediately.

3/24/20 6:45 PM Tues Athletics
4/4/20 TBD Sat Dodgers
4/6/20 6:45 PM Mon Diamondbacks
4/8/20 6:45 PM Wed Diamondbacks
4/23/20 12:45 PM Thurs Rockies
4/24/20 7:15 PM Fri Nationals
4/21/20 6:45 PM Tues Rockies
4/26/20 1:05 PM Sun Nationals
4/28/20 6:45 PM Tues Phillies
5/9/20 TBD Sat Chi White Sox
5/15/20 7:15 PM Fri Braves
5/17/20 1:05 PM Sun Braves
5/19/20 6:45 PM Tues Tigers
5/30/20 4:15 PM Sat Rockies
6/1/20 6:45 PM Mon Padres
6/3/20 6:45 PM Wed Padres
6/9/20 6:45 PM Tues Pirates
6/11/20 12:45 PM Thurs Pirates
6/12/20 7:15 PM Fri Marlins
6/25/20 12:45 PM Thurs Mets
6/27/20 4:15 PM Sat Dodgers
6/14/20 1:05 PM Sun Marlins
6/23/20 6:45 PM Tues Mets
7/8/20 6:45 PM Wed Athletics
7/10/20 7:15 PM Fri Padres
7/12/20 1:05 PM Sun Padres
7/28/20 6:45 PM Tues Cubs
7/25/20 TBD Sat Diamondbacks
7/30/20 12:45 PM Thurs Cubs
8/12/20 6:45 PM Wed Dodgers
8/14/20 7:15 PM Fri Rockies
8/16/20 1:05 PM Sun Rockies
8/24/20 6:45 PM Mon Padres
8/26/20 6:45 PM Wed Padres
8/29/20 TBD Sat Royals
9/10/20 6:45 PM Thurs Reds
9/13/20 1:05 PM Sun Reds
9/8/20 6:45 PM Tues Cardinals
9/11/20 7:15 PM Fri Reds
9/23/20 6:45 PM Wed Diiamondbacks
9/26/20 TBD Sat Brewers
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Ticket Member. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

Sequence Draft
Games will be allotted to partners based on chronological order of the games in season. Each partner will be assigned a number in a sequence then each game in the season will be assigned based on the sequence. The partner first in the sequence will get game number 1, the partner second in the sequence gets game number 2, and so on. The sequence repeats until all games have been selected.

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